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About us

Salardi Sistemi born
2005: Introduction of quality verification lists
2008: Strong expansion on LGV works
2010: Start of work in the feed and packaging sector
2011: Insertion of glass sector processes
2012: Adoption of FEM analyzes
2013: ISO 9001:2008 Certification
2015: Expansion in automation and precision mechanics processing
2018: New operational headquarters
2018:IN IMPLEMENTATION ISO 9001-2015 certification
Who we are
We are a dynamic company of mechanical design consultants, based in Modena, specialized in industrial automation including Feed, Packaging (Food-Pharmaceutical), Logistics, Publishing, Robotics, Special Machines.

The company was founded in 1994 to meet the demands of some customers who wanted a single interlocutor for conception, brokerage and design.
Over the years we have expanded the catchment area by taking care of the staff's expertise. We have traced, refined and consolidated the operating methods based on the requests of different customers. From the list of functional points that have been found, we have compiled the method we currently use successfully from the selection of personnel, to the final check and delivery of each job.

In addition to exterior design, we are looking for partners to develop joint products.

The Management, within the program aimed at establishing, maintaining and improving its Quality Management System, intends to pursue the objective of providing services (projects and consultancy) that meet the need ...
Ethical code

The Code of Ethics ("Code") has been prepared, the observance of which by employees is of fundamental importance for the good functioning, reliability and reputation of Salardi Sistemi, factors that constitute a decisive asset for the success of the company. ...

Confidentiality and privacy

One of the crucial points for Salardi systems, is to ensure maximum confidentiality to its customers. How?

Salardi Sistemi srl sole shareholder -
e-mail info@salardisistemi.it - amministrazionesrl@pec.salardisistemi.it -
P.I. and C.F. 02214250363 - N. REA: MO-274043
Head office: Malavolti Street, 33 - 41122 Modena Italy -
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