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Advanced mechanical consultancy

The world situation today certainly has aspects never seen before that will bring about changes in our approach to everyday life.
Companies are also called to respond and react to new circumstances.
Taking a well-known phrase by Anthony Robbins: "Setting goals is the first step to transforming the invisible into the visible", Salardi Sistemi has decided to face this moment by setting new goals and planning its medium-long term activities.

We are aware of the severe restrictions present, but we are just as aware of how each of our actions will create effects on the future and the importance of finding the right partner for this change.

What can we do for you?
  • Offer you a high technological and qualitative value
  • Free preliminary advice
  • Expert team dedicated to specific technical areas
  • Planning for progress and completion of works
  • Mechanical and electronic engineering
What advantages will you have?
  • Internal staff support (also in smart working)
  • Delivery of projects on schedule
  • A fresh point of view to compare yourself with

Do you need anything else that hasn't been entered?
Write or call me, I will be happy to help you.
By collaborating we can achieve our goals.

Serena Tallone
Resp. Qualità and Marketing for Salardi Sistemi srl
Salardi Sistemi srl sole shareholder -
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P.I. and C.F. 02214250363 - N. REA: MO-274043
Head office: Malavolti Street, 33 - 41122 Modena Italy -
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