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Our main activity is mechanical design.

The main objectives are summarized in the delivery of orders complying with the customer's requests, within the scheduled timeframe, having the company standard quality, verified and resulting free from substantial errors; taking over ideas to give life to and their subsequent realization.
The resulting products are committed completed in good time, with the specifications requested by the customer, with a margin of error of less than 3%, with precise and high quality standards, ready for delivery and subsequent construction of the product.
The processes used for its creation are the following:
- taking charge of the project, immediately establishing the quality standards and timing of delivery or rejection of the project, if not compliant with the standards or if the study could not guarantee quality work;
- analysis of the feasibility of the project;
- division of tasks within the organization chart;
- creation of the project through verification lists that mark the phases;
- verification of contents, solutions adopted, timing, costs and compliance based on requests;
- correction of any errors;
- final verification of the product;
- codification of the same in the pdm used by the customer;
- finished product delivery, of quality and in compliance with the standards established by the company quality criteria and by the contract with the customer;
- billing of the project and report of the degree of customer satisfaction.
The main phases of our service are:
Feasibility study / Pre study
Initial project of a technical and economic nature, consisting in the systematic analysis and evaluation of the feasibility of the idea, the costs to be incurred and a preliminary draft of the whole project.
Job planning
Specific planning by job order, with the aim of marking the work phases and the workloads of the team.
The development of the study takes place, in all its parts.
N.B .: distinctive note of Salardi Sistemi, the control through specific forms, of the study, with correction of the same, before passing the project to the particularists.
Development and coding drawings
Details designed according to customer specifications, controlled according to the Salardi system with monitoring the quality of the drawings and checking the state of the art.
Overall development
Development of assemblies and assemblies, if requested by the customer, with control according to specific methodologies, before delivery.
Internal pre-delivery list filled out in its entirety, coded and uploaded to the customer's PDM, or as per its specifications.
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