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Our main activity is mechanical design.

Our approach is as follows:

Preliminary verification of the request that includes the salient data with which to estimate the feasibility.

Prestormation with maximum sizing of the organs involved in the functional cycle which involves patterns, diagrams, critical checks, overall dimensions ...

Design service, creation, development and presentation of 3D layouts that enhance the proposals and simplify the decisions.
An interactive and lightweight solution, supported by mobile devices.
Our design is supported by kinetodynamic analysis and finite element structural analysis.
We realize the manuals of your machinery, in accordance with the requirements of the UNI industry standards and according to needs.
In economics, with demand, we mean the quantity required by the market and by consumers of a certain good and service.
There are several factors that influence it, including the price of the asset, expectations, needs, etc.

To guarantee a targeted use of the energies of the client, we provide the additional service for analyzing the demand of the machinery to be designed.
Through surveys and market analysis carried out by Salardi Sistemi, our customer will be able to know promptly, how much the product to be developed is useful. With utility in economics we mean the measure of the suitability and satisfaction of the application itself.
For production companies in order to verify and implement the corporate security policy and with specific ability to draft the Risk Assessment Document accompanied by specialized analyzes such as:
noise risk assessment,
evaluation of the risk from mechanical vibrations,
assessment of the risk related to the overload of the upper limbs by repetitive movement
assessment of the risk associated with manual handling of loads,
chemical risk assessment

Assignment of RSPP (Head of the Prevention and Protection Service) for production and service companies, with the stipulation of an annual convention for the verification of the application of the law and implementation of the appropriate procedures.
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