We shape your ideas

Our main activity
is the development of the client’s project.

Our approach is precise and meticulous: we conduct checks on every stage of development, from preliminary checks at the start of the project, up to checks on schemes, diagrams, criticality checks, dimensions…

From the idea to the complete development


Feasibility assessment

Initial framework, consisting of the systematic analysis and evaluation of the feasibility of the idea, the costs to be incurred and a preliminary draft of the entire service.



The development of the commissioned work takes place. Definition of development deadlines in accordance with the required methods and preparation of the necessary resources.


Development and coding

Detailed development of the solution according to customer specifications, controlled according to the Salardi system with monitoring of the quality of the technical design and verification of the state of the art of the project.


Internal pre-delivery list compiled in its entirety, coded files and uploaded to the customer’s pdm, or as per its specifications.

Including documentation

Rendering and 3D Layout

3D layout development and presentation service that enhance proposals and simplify decisions.

An interactive and lightweight solution, supported by mobile devices.


We create the manuals of your machinery, in accordance with the requirements of the UNI regulations of the sector and according to the needs.

With attention to safety

For production companies in order to verify and implement the company safety policy and with specific ability to draft the Risk Assessment Document accompanied by specialist analyzes such as:

We also take care of ensuring an assignment of RSPP (Head of the Prevention and Protection Service) for manufacturing and service companies, with the stipulation of an annual agreement for the verification of the application of the legislation and implementation of the appropriate procedures

The main objectives are summarized in the delivery of orders conforming to the customer’s requests, on schedule, having the agreed standards, verified and resulting free from substantial errors; taking over ideas to give life to and their subsequent realization.

The resulting products are orders completed in good time, with the specifications requested by the customer, with a margin of negligible error less than 3%, with state-of-the-art standards, ready for delivery and subsequent construction of the product.

The processes used for its creation are the following:

  • taking charge of the client’s project, immediately establishing the quality standards and delivery or refusal times of the project, if it does not comply with the standards or if the study could not guarantee quality work;
  • analysis of the feasibility of the service;
  • subdivision of tasks within the organization chart;
  • creation through checklists that mark the phases;
  • verification of contents, solutions to be adopted, timing, costs and compliance based on requests;
  • correction of the documents;
  • final check;
  • coding of the same in the pdm used by the customer;
  • delivery of the finished and quality product that is compliant with the standards set by the company quality criteria and by the contract with the customer;
  • billing and customer satisfaction report.